Dr Craig Hardner and Ian McConachie (Australian macadamia industry) will present an overview of recent historical and genetic research undertaken to improve understanding of the domestication of the iconic Australian plant, macadamia, from early encounters in Australian through to commercialisation in Hawaii.

This research suggests that the majority of the world production of macadamia is derived from a narrow genetic base tracing back to a single location near Gympie, genetic diversity has been lost since European settlement, however, some of this lost diversity be captured in planted trees in parks, gardens, and private backyards.

 Dr Craig Hardner

 Centre for Horticultural Science, QAAFI, The University of Queensland

 Dr Craig Hardner is a senior research fellow at QAAFI with particular interest in quantitative genetics and breeding of tree     crops, including macadamia. In 2012 he was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to trace the domestication pathway of the   macadamia in Hawaii.

Ian McConchie

Australian Macadamia Industry

Ian McConachie AM is a leader of the Australian macadamia industry working for over 50 years as a grower, chairman
of the board of a larger processing company, long-time director of the industry peak body, international consultant,
keen historian and champion of conservation of the genus.


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