Avocado’s contribution to the global bioeconomy records a world production exceeding 5.9 million tonnes/year. Meeting the plant supply for increasing demand has become challenging due to difficulty in rootstock propagation.

Rooting an avocado cutting is cumbersome, thus has forced the industry to depend on genetically diverse and seasonally available seedlings. A tissue culture based clonal propagation system could provide a viable industry relevant alternative.
Avocado tissue culture research at QAAFI, Mitter lab has successfully established the worlds’ first shoot-tip culture system for avocado. The outcome of this work may possibly change the way we propagate avocado for the benefit of this industry.

Jayeni Hiti Bandaralage

Centre for Horticultural Science, QAAFI, The University of Queensland

Jayeni Hiti Bandaralage developed the innovative tissue culture based clonal propagation system for avocado during her PhD in the Centre for Horticulture, QAAFI at The University of Queensland. Having completed her BSc. Honours in Plant Biotechnology from The University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, she has gained over 5 years research training in biotech industry before joining UQ. She believes that her passion in plant research can contribute towards food security and sustainable agriculture.

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