Cereals provide more than 50% of the world's calories. With climate uncertainty and the increasing affluence of Asia, the demand for more meat, more nutritious foods and more non-food materials is straining the bio-economy.

At the same time, cereal yields are hitting some boundaries. Our research has shown we can push through some of those boundaries using biotechnological tools, creating higher yields and more desirable qualities for end-users.

Professor Ian Godwin

Centre for Crop Science, QAAFI, The University of Queensland

After 29 years as a teaching and research academic at UQ, Ian Godwin took up the position of Director of the Centre from Crop Science in February, 2019. His research has applied biotechnological tools to cereal crop improvement, with a particular focus on improving the quality and yield of sorghum. His popular science book "Good Enough to Eat?" outlines the history and potential of biotechnology in agricultural sustainability.



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