The projected global population growth has raised questions on how and from where, these people will be fed?

Numerous food sectors have started developing alternative foods to try and address these needs. These alternatives, particularly as pertaining to the developed world also need to address social issues such as global warming, ethical and fair trade production systems. Within the meat sector, two new thrusts have come to the fore to address meat alternatives with both focusing on replacing meat in “meat”-like products: the use of plant proteins and insect proteins.

This discussion focuses on these trends and identifies challenges faced by both the traditional meat sector as well as the “meat”-like products sector.

Professor Louwrens Hoffman

Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Innovation, The University of Queensland

Professor Hoffman enjoys working with students and doing research. As a trained animal scientist
his focus has been on Meat Science with a “stable to table” approach. He has had over 160 post graduate students complete their studies under his guidance and has published more that 300 peer
reviewed papers in international journals.

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