If life is a journey, then science is a microcosm of life. The word ‘science’ is derived from the Latin word for knowledge, ‘scientia’. However, scientists rarely can predict where their application of science will lead them.

This seminar outlines an unorthodox pathway in science that spans roles in Government, Private and Academic spheres, and touches on my current role as a teacher of Crop Protection at The University of Queensland. This will include ongoing research on sugarcane pathology, mungbean improvement, pasture dieback, and understanding vector-pathogen-host interactions.

Dr Anthony Young

School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, The University of Queensland 

Dr. Young is a Senior Lecturer in Crop Protection within the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences at The University of Queensland, Gatton Campus. He has worked across government, private and academic spheres, and his chief research focus is improving crop production and sustainability by combating plant diseases. In addition to his research, he teaches Biosecurity, Integrated Pest Management, Plant and Environmental Health, and Crop Protection.


About Science Seminars

Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation hosts science seminars across the disciplines of animal, horticulture, crop, food and nutritional sciences.

With a range of speakers from Australia and abroad, the series explores how high-impact science will significantly improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the tropical and sub-tropical food, fibre and agribusiness sectors.

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