Research organisations, whether they be universities, government agencies, not-for-profit or private, are made up of different people, roles and skillsets, and at their core is a drive to innovate, understand and solve the problems facing the world. There are many pathways that researchers can choose to grow on, within research organisations, all of which contribute to the development of new knowledge and technology. By understanding the fundamentals of people, management and leadership, early to mid-career researchers are able to identify which research career pathway is ideal for them to grow and what skills and knowledge they need to get there.

A current priority of the Crawford Fund is training agricultural researchers from around the world to develop their research leadership and management skills. Together, RAID and the Crawford Fund, are hosting a workshop targeting passionate Australia-based researchers who will learn from experts on developing leadership skills in agriculture research, projects and organisations. This workshop is the first of a series of activities that will deliver the RAID priority to build capacity of RAID members in all aspects of agricultural research leadership and management skills in international agriculture research.

This workshop includes a mixture of presentations and case studies and individual and group exercises presented by Lynne O’Brien and Shaun Coffey.

In this workship, there will be an opportunity to:

  1. Understand the basic concepts of managing and leading
  2. Build self-awareness of your own styles and preferences and understand how these impact both your perceptions and how you interact with people
  3. Explore people management, and the way people work with and respond to each other
  4. Gain skills in providing and receiving feedback, and how to manage conflict
  5. Learn about how to manage up-wards
  6. Understand  models to integrate evaluation and planning
  7. Explore processes for effective project management
  8. Plan a process on on-going self-directed learning


Forgan Smith Building, UQ St. Lucia, QLD 4072
Room 01-W349