The Kakadu plum (Terminalia ferdinandiana) lies at the nexus of important scientific, archaeological, and legal research at UQ. An interdisciplinary dialogue on the multiple ways in which the Kakadu Plum is a valuable Australian botanical resource will be integral to the success of these diverse projects.

The research topics include:

  • the analysis of archaeobotanical remains to determine the antiquity of the use and processing of Kakadu plum by Indigenous Australians
  • investigation of the fruit itself to determine its nutritional value
  • the presence of bioactive compounds and its use as a natural food preservative
  • the study of the varied roles of intellectual property law in the production, distribution and consumption of Kakadu plum products.

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If you have a native Australian food poster you would like to have hung up at the event, please e-mail Selina Fyfe

This workshop is supported by the UQ Graduate School, the UQ Law, Science and Technology Program, and the QAAFI Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences.


Sir Llew Edwards Building, UQ St Lucia Campus
Terrace Room