Attention all students and early-career plant scientists!

The next installment of the DuPont Student-led Plant Sciences Symposium is going to be held in conjunction with TropAg2017. This is a symposium designed by students for students and early-career plant scientists.

With a focus on technical and career challenges, the symposia aims to provide insight into topics such as:
• The development of phenotyping, genotyping, and biotechnologies
• Statistical perspective in the era of Big Data
• The integration of crop growth modelling and genomic selection for plant improvement
• How to capitalise on your knowledge
• Finding a balance between raising a family and pursuing a career


A Q&A session for you to grill three academics from both private and public sectors and one scientific
advisor from a not-for-profit foundation about the challenges and opportunities of career progression in plant sciences. Listen, discuss, challenge, debate, and network with other students, early-career scientists, and established scientists about the advances and challenges we face in the pursuit for crop improvement.

16:00 – 18:00 Concurrent session symposium 6

Chair: Xuemin Wang, The University of Queensland, Australia
Captilising your knowledge
Duncan Ferguson, The University of Queensland, UniQuest, Australia
Family and science - a work-life balance
Jaquie Mitchell, The University of Queensland, Australia
Planning your career before and after graduation
Sandra Dunckel, Longreach Plant Breeders, Australia
Q&A career progression in plant science
Facilitated by: Karen Graham, The University of Queensland, Australia
Panellists: Dean Podlich, DuPont Pioneer, USA
Vivienne Anthony, Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture, Switzerland
Christine Beveridge, The Univeristy of Queensland, Australia
Greg Rebetzke, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia

TropAg2017 - See the website for the program and
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Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Australia