This talk will overview a research program that has looked at developing an effective prevention and control program for a single bacterial pathogen that shows diversity and which occurs in the complex and challenging environment of the modern intensive pig production system. The talk will illustrate the need to have a research program that addresses multiple goals that are relevant and recognise the context of a modern intensive animal production system such as the Australian pig industry.

The example being used is the bacterium, Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae, a key respiratory pathogen in the pig industry which is associated with major losses.  The talk will explore the disease in a pure form and then the disease observed in a farm environment. The diversity in toxin expression by different forms of A. pleuropneumoniae, and the challenges of apparently new species causing similar symptoms will be covered. Overall, the talk will demonstrate the need for a program that has multiple active avenues that recognise the context of the overall production system.

Dr Conny Turni

Since July 2003 Conny has been in charge of the diagnostic services provided by the Microbiology Research Group at the Ecosciences Precinct at Boggo Road.  Conny is in charge of the provision of specialized referral services - the identification, serotyping and DNA sequencing of bacteria submitted by laboratories (national and international).  Advice is given by Conny on diseases such as Glässer’s disease (Haemophilus parasuis), pleuropneumonia (Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae), pasteurellosis (Pasteurella multocida) and infectious coryza (Avibacterium paragallinarum). 

In the last 14 years Conny has constantly had projects with the Pork CRC specialising respiratory bacterial diseases. Major advances from her work are a suite of diagnostic and support tools for pig veterinarians dealing with Glässer’s disease and pleuropneumonia, such as real time PCR, serovar profiling service to establish serovar/s on farms, genotyping, antibiotic resistance testing and test development. 

Conny is also doing research for the poultry industry working on Pasteurella multocida, Riemerella anatipestifer and Avibacterium paragallinarum, exploring genotypic variability, epidemiology, diagnostic test development and antibiotic sensitivity test development.

The current international pig work she is involved in is as a collaborator on an ACIAR project to develop diagnostic tools for respiratory pig diseases in Australia and the Philippines, which is also extending to other diseases.


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