Plant science seminar

It is highly remarkable that more than 11,000 years after humans began the domestication and cultivation of grains and crops, that we are still here discussing how the soil and climate interacts with the growing crop; what nutrients are required and how they should be applied; how weather and climate, pest, weeds and diseases affect the crop at all stages; and how they need to be managed to increase profits, reduce risks, improve the resource base, and protect the environment. 

Have we answered all the questions? Have we closed all the yield gaps? Is all the low hanging fruit gone? In a region where every year farmers face the task of matching commercially available hybrids and management based on prevailing and expected conditions, what is the value of the perfect crop design?.

This seminar aims to show where some of those easy gains are still likely to be found; what new technologies and disciplines might be required to help inform productivity, risks and environmental outputs; and discuss the need for a “smarter” agronomy, that is more trans-disciplinary, and better informed by local circumstances, expected conditions, and the farm system in which farmers operate. 

Associate Professor Daniel Rodriguez

Presently Dr Rodriguez's research capabilities are focused on identifying pathways to sustainably intensify the production of summer rainfall dominated farming systems in both high- and low-income countries. His expertise in crop eco-physiology, agronomy and modelling enable him to investigate farming systems at a range of scales, i.e. plant, crop, and farm. He strives to understand how farmers make decisions and manage limited resources to maximise profits and livelihoods. He presently leads two GRDC projects on wheat, maize and sorghum agronomy for the Australian Northern Grains Region, in collaboration with farmers, consultants, agri-businesses and seed companies.

About QAAFI Science Seminars

Queensland Alliance for Agriculture & Food Innovation (QAAFI) has been hosting a high-profile seminar series across the disciplines of agriculture, food and nutrition science since 2014. With a range of speakers from Australia and abroad, the series explores how high-impact science will significantly improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the tropical and sub-tropical food, fibre and agribusiness sectors.

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