The reduction of food waste by Black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) and their use as feedstock for animals has been receiving attention lately. However, the commercialisation of BSFL in Australia is limited due to existing legislative regulations and the lack of information regarding their safety as feed. This research project investigated the safety and nutritional composition of BSFL reared from different food waste streams. BSFL harvested from different waste streams in commercial production facilities was examined for chemical (mycotoxins, heavy metals), biological safety issues (detection and enumeration of pathogenic microbes) and nutritional properties. The use of NIRS combined with chemometric approaches to rapidly monitor the production process, quality and microbial safety of larvae was also investigated.

Shanmugam Alagappan

Shan is currently enrolled as a PhD student at CNAFS, QAAFI, and has recently submitted his thesis. He previously completed his master’s studies in Food Science and Technology at the University of Queensland, where he discovered his passion for edible insects. Shan’s PhD project aims to investigate the quality and safety of Black Soldier Fly larvae (BSFL) reared on different food waste streams for livestock feed. In addition to his PhD, he has been involved in several other projects exploring the quality and functional properties of insects intended for use as food and feed.

Shanmugam Alagappan, Centre for Nutrition and Food Science, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation, UQ  E: s.alagappan@uq.edu.au

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