Professor Matthew Morell plans to outline the changing imperatives driving agriculture and food research in Australia and globally, as well as the need to embrace the 'license to operate' concerns of consumers and stakeholders with more more traditional productivity and value drivers of the sector. Examples of how a more programmatic approach to research at scale are being undertaken under the UQ-DAF QAAFI Alliance include the CRC for Zero Net Emissions, Australia's Food and Beverage Accelerator (FaBA) and Food Systems Horizons. Professor Morell will also consider the agriculture and food research landscape of the future and the steps needed to address the pressing challenges the sector and broader society face, including the need to develop the workforce of the future for industry, government and academia with the skills to work across the sectors to make the difference required.

Prof Matthew Morell

Professor Matthew Morell has had an extensive career over four decades characterised by his focus on conducting and leading high-quality agricultural research that delivers benefits to the agriculture and food sectors, and to consumers. In leadership, Professor Morell has a track record in developing effective teams and working with institutions and their stakeholders to deliver innovations for the future.

As Director of QAAFI, Professor Morell is highly motivated by the opportunity to lead research programs that provide research and knowledge based solutions to many of the major big challenges of our times, including enhancing both profitability and sustainability in agricultural production, providing improved nutrition, building resilience in the face of climate change, and reducing the environmental footprint of agriculture, all in ways that protect and build the livelihoods of farmers and rural communities. The mission of QAAFI in providing benefits to Queensland through working closely with producers, the food industry, the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, and other research partners and stakeholders across the state, provides a highly fertile ground for conducting and delivering research that makes a significant difference to Queensland and its people. QAAFI has an important role serving as a focal point for Queensland in engaging nationally and internationally with global efforts to find solutions to global challenges in agriculture and food production.

Prof Matthew Morell, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation  E: id_ea_qaafi@uq.edu.au

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