Mutagenesis is a key factor in the evolution of species and is generally a spontaneous event generated via normal cellular processes or via erroneous DNA repair or replication. As instances of mutagenesis create new diversity within genomes, this process has been harnessed by plant breeders to create novel traits, utilising chemical, biological and physical mutagens. In this project, we generated 150,000 mutant lines within an inbred Sorghum line, using the chemical mutagen ethyl methanesulphonate. The bulks were then screened using the digital PCR based FIND-IT protocol, previously employed in barley and smaller sorghum libraries, which reduces the need for backcrossing compared to TILLING. As sorghum serves various purposes, this library will enhance genetic diversity, aiding breeding for disease resistance, drought tolerance, microbial interactions, and biofuel production.

Dr Patrick Mason

Patrick Mason is a postdoctoral research fellow with a strong foundation in molecular biology and genetics. His expertise spans genetic and biochemical perspectives, refined through extensive work during his PhD and postdoctoral research career. Notably, he has proficiency in analyzing diverse biomass, genetic data, and connecting genetics with phenotypes. Patrick has collaborated with global and national partners, working with a large diversity of crop species including sugarcane, sorghum, Duboisia and several horticultural crops.

Dr Patrick Mason, Centre for Crop Science, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation  E: p.mason1@uq.edu.au

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