Archaeological findings indicate that over 200 plant seeds including wattleseeds (Acacia sp.) have been utilized by Australian Indigenous communities. Dietary patterns have since changed, and the usage of wattleseeds has declined over the past decades. Although established as a good source of protein, there is limited information on the broader nutritional properties and consumer acceptance of these pseudo-legumes. To better understand and utilize them, compositional, microscopic (XRF, CLSM, and µCT), spectroscopic (NMR), in vitro gut fermentation and sensory profiles of different wattleseeds varieties before and after subjecting them to various food processing models will be discussed. Each of these demonstrates the potential for wattleseeds to be utilized in varied food matrices with improved nutritional benefits. These results will then be linked to consumer appeal and factors that drive consumer acceptance of such niche ingredients.

Dr Mobashwer Alam headshotMrs Sera Jacob

Sera is a final year Ph.D. candidate with the Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences at QAAFI and the ARC Centre for Uniquely Australian Food. She is a Food Scientist with a Masters in Food Science and Nutrition From Lund University, Sweden. She has experience in food compliance, novel processing technologies, and product development. Sera was also the QLD semi-finalist at FameLab 2021, the QAAFI Institute runner-up, and the People’s Choice winner at the 2022 QAAFI 3MT competition, and the winner of the 2022 AIFST Sensory Award. Her passion lies in using science and ancestral wisdom to uncover the stories of what we eat and why.

Mrs Sera Jacob, PhD Candidate, Centre for Nutrition and Food Science, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation E: sera.jacob@uq.edu.au

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