The adaptive immune response to pathogens is reliant on presentation of peptide antigens to T cells and B cells. The key players in antigen presentation are Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) molecules that present these antigens to T cells. This gene family is remarkably polymorphic, 871 MHC alleles have been identified in Bovins, but this is a drop in the ocean compared to >36,000 alleles in the human population. In this seminar I will discuss why diversity at MHC genes is key to immune responses and how these molecules can be used to predict susceptibility to disease and design better vaccines.

Dr Mobashwer Alam headshotDr Hannah Siddle

I completed my PhD at the University of Sydney, investigating the evolution of highly polymorphic MHC genes. I then took up an NHMRC ‘CJ Martin’ fellowship at the University of Cambridge working on immune escape in transmissible tumours. In 2013 I moved to the University of Southampton as a Lecturer and during this time I won the Julia Bodmer Early Career Scientist Award from the European Federation of Immunogenetics. In 2022 I moved back to Australia with my family and took a position working with Ala Tabor in CAS on ticks and pathogenic bacteria, learning a myriad of new skills and enjoying being back in the Australia!

Dr Hannah Siddle, Research Fellow, Centre for Animal Science, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation E: h.siddle@uq.edu.au

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