Bananas are the world’s most consumed fruit and increasingly threatened by Blood disease (Ralstonia syzygii subsp. celebesensis), a bacterial wilt causing fruit rot, leaf wilt and plant death. The disease has spread from its origins in South Sulawesi across the Indonesian archipelago to mainland Malaysia from where it’s poised to spread throughout Southeast Asia. Our studies have established the disease distribution in Indonesia and revealed the mode of infection. Evidence is provided that disease dispersal is predominantly by insects, birds, bats, and human activities. Our increased understanding of Blood diseases’ biology and epidemiology enables improved disease management and eradication strategies.

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Jane Denise Ray

Jane Ray is a Senior Plant Pathologist based in Darwin with the department of Industry, Tourism and Trade, NT. Jane recently completed her PhD at the University of Queensland on the biology and epidemiology of Blood disease, a bacterial wilt threatening banana production in Southeast Asia. Prior to this, Jane worked for 12 years as a Senior Plant Pathologist with the Northern Australia Quarantine Strategy (NAQS), a federal government program. NAQS was established to help address the unique quarantine risks facing northern Australia primarily through a program of surveillance and training activities in the north of Australia and overseas.

Jane Denise Ray, PhD Candidate, Centre for Horticultural Science
E: j.ray@uqconnect.edu.au

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