Fusarium diseases of cereals are a major constraint to production world wide. Compounding the issue is the contamination of grains with toxin that have negative impacts on humans and animals. The seminar will cover aspects of Fusarium pathogen biology including the regulation of toxin production and some forward looking ways that perhaps one day might be used to manage plant diseases.

Mary headshotDr Donald Gardiner

Donald is the deputy director of the ARC Hub for Sustainable Crop protection developing dsRNA products for managing crop diseases. Before joining QAAFI he spent 16 years in CSIRO on both applied and fundamental projects in the area of crop protection, mostly working with Fusarium pathogens on cereals. He has a PhD from The University of Melbourne.

Dr Donald Gardiner, Deputy Director, ARC Hub Sust Crop at Centre for Horticultural Science E: donald.gardiner@uq.edu.au

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