Plants synthesize starch, which we digest to glucose and store as glycogen: two complex branched glucose polymers with the same bonding. The biosynthesis-structure-property relations of these molecular cousins will be discussed. These relations are important for human health: for example, eating foods in which the starch is digested too rapidly, or having glycogen which breaks down too rapidly to glucose, are detrimental to preventing and managing diseases such as diabetes. Discoveries and understanding gained in this field, based on new theoretical and experimental tools, will be discussed and indications given for the practical applications of this knowledge.

Bob GilbertProf Robert ('Bob') Gilbert

Bob Gilbert did his education at the University of Sydney, the Australian National University and MIT. He worked at the University of Sydney for many years, and moved to UQ in 2006 to join the new group which became the Centre for Nutrition and Food Science. He has written over 500 papers and two books, and been advisor of more than 100 younger scientists. His research achievements can be described as developing theoretical and experimental tools which can be used to obtain new knowledge and insights in apparently complex systems.

Project Funding Acknowledgements

National Natural Science Foundation of China

Professor Bob Gilbert, Professorial Research Fellow at Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences E: b.gilbert@uq.edu.au

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