Despite the advances in genome sequencing and assembly, detailed annotation of plant genomes is now a bottleneck in genomic analysis and an impediment to realizing the full potential of genome editing for crop improvement. Here I will describe our recently developed approach that uses DNA methylation profiling of a single tissue (eg a leaf) to distill a genome down to the relatively small fraction of regions that are functionally valuable for trait variation throughout development. We are using this approach in sorghum, wheat, barley and maize to better understand the genome and identify new opportunities for crop improvement.

Anthony headshotDr Peter Crisp

Dr Peter Crisp is a DECRA Research Fellow and Lecturer and leads a research group in the School of Agriculture and Food Science. His research group seeks to understand the contribution of epigenetics to heritable phenotypic variation in crop plants, focusing on cereals including barley, sorghum, wheat and maize. This includes the development of methods to harness epigenetic variation for crop improvement; understanding the role of epigenetics in stress responses and developing innovative epigenomic approaches. Research in the Crisp Lab spans both wet lab and computational biology providing a powerful platform to integrate genetic, genomic and biotechnological approaches.

Dr Peter Crisp, ARC Decra Research Fellow, School of Agriculture and Food Sciences E: p.crisp@uq.edu.au

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