What’s on the plate for the Australian food and agribusiness sectors and what are the future forces impacting Australian agriculture? 

The food and agribusiness sector is a key source of growth for the nation, and currently contributes approximately $138 billion – or 7.6 per cent of GDP – to the Australian economy. The agriculture sector employs more than 500,000 Australians and enriches our economy, society and environment in diverse ways.  The challenges posed by climate change, natural disasters, consumer trends, digital disruption, and most recently the pandemic, will create a significant change in the way we grow, produce, harvest, distribute and consume food and fibre.

Join us at this exciting webinar as we hear from Mirjana Prica (FIAL, Food and Agribusiness Growth Centre) & John Harvey (Agrifutures) who will explore these questions by taking a deep dive into technologies improving agricultural productivity, and discuss the current and emerging risks for the Australian agriculture sector.

This webinar will be moderated by ATSE Agriculture and Food Forum member Professor Neena Mitter, Director of both the Centre for Horticultural Science, QAAFI and the ARC Research Hub for Sustainable Crop Protection at The University of Queensland. The webinar will run for approximately 90 minutes with each speaker providing a 30-minute presentation to our online audience followed by a 10-min Q&A session with each speaker.

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