High praise for Hy-Gain! - Interview with Vi Shukla

14 Jan 2021
In an interview with Dr Vipula (“Vi”) Shukla of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in the new Luminaries section of the American Society of Plant Biologists’ Nov/Dec 2020 newsletter on pages 14-16, Dr Shukla references the Hy-Gain project on page 15. She is quoted as saying:

“Programs that represent real conceptual breakthroughs in how we think about not just plant biology but also translation into crop breeding and cultivation are exciting. One is the Hy-Gain program, which is developing apomictic sorghum and cowpea. Not only will farmers be able to save seed from self-reproducing hybrids that have higher yield and vigor, but in addition this technology has the potential to change, for the better, how crop breeding and varietal development are carried out.”

Read the full Interview on the Hy-Gain for smallholders website.