Queensland beef industry’s greatest minds gather in Rockhampton

8 Aug 2016

Queensland’s beef capital Rockhampton will host the beef industry’s brains-trust this month, when the Northern Beef Research Update Conference (NBRUC) gets underway on August 15.

The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) is a major sponsor of the three-day event, and will be sending a contingent of staff to present and  attend the conference.

“The department is the largest investor and provider of beef cattle research,  development and extension in northern Australia,” DAF Agri-Science Queensland Executive Director Dr Wayne Hall said.

Dr Hall will  be giving a presentation on day one of the conference, outlining the need for  research and development to increase productivity and competitiveness of the  beef sector in a protein market that includes chicken, pork and fish.

“DAF’s research  and development starts from the soil in the paddock to the genes in the animals  that drive improvement in the state’s beef cattle herd, and continues right through the supply chain to the consumer,” Dr Hall said.

“Through the delivery of the Grazing Best Management Practices program with partners  AgForce, The Fitzroy Basin Association and allied natural resource management bodies, a holistic approach to beef businesses is promoted.

“Extension services are supported by research and development conducted at our beef research facilities, which have the right environment for demonstration and innovation.

“Industry issues such as rehabilitating pasture to reduce sediment loss and increase  productivity or to accelerate genetic improvement in tropical beef cattle are independently evaluated, with results communicated to the broader industry.

“The common link that drives our endeavours is the sustainability and profitability of the Queensland beef industry.

“NBRUC is an important conference because it brings industry representatives and researchers  from different disciplines together to share information, to network and forge  further links that will contribute to the growth of the beef industry.”

Source article: https://www.daf.qld.gov.au/services/news-and-updates/animals/news/queensland-beef-industrys-greatest-minds-gather-in-rockhampton

Media contact: Mark Hodder, 3087 8598