Welcome to the first step of the QAAFI induction as a Higher Degree Research student. As part of your HDR induction, please carefully read through and complete the following documents:

1. First day induction handout 

This handout will guide you through the QAAFI HDR induction process and enrol you into your HDR program at the University of Queensland.

Download the 1st day induction handout

2. UQ Student Intellectual Property and Confidentiality Agreement (SIPCA or IPA)

Read more here - https://qaafi.uq.edu.au/uq-student-intellectual-property-and-confidentiality-agreement-sipca-or-ipa

3. Complete your HDR induction

When you have your UQ logon, please complete the remainder of your student induction via QAAFI's intranet induction. Use your UQ logon to access this HDR induction page.



Contact QAAFI student administration team via QAAFI_HDR@uq.edu.au