Project Description

The PHD successful candidate will develop technology to support implementation of genome based prediction models in horticultural tree crops
Potential projects include:

  • genomic prediction models for priority traits (including vigour, phenology, precocity, fruit quality) in mango, macadamia, and citrus
  • genomic methods to fast track rootstock breeding in avocado for resistance to phytophthora and control of scion vigour and precocity,
  • genomic based global prediction of performance.

The successful candidate will develop skills in big data management, genomics, genetics, statistics, bioinformatics, and translation to applied genetic improvement and will work with international partners in mainland US and Hawaii, European Union, and China.

The successful applicant will enrol through the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture & Food Innovation (QAAFI).

Preferred educational background

Graduates with background in, or ability to learn, quantitative genetics and /or statistics, plant (preferably tree) biology, and bioinformatics. First Class Honours Degree, Masters Research Degree or equivalent, with at least one peer reviewed publication.  Applicants must meet the requirements for admission into the UQ Graduate School PhD program

Please contact the Chief Investigator to check on this project's availability.

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Chief Investigator
Dr Craig Hardner