Dr Ian DeLacy has a Diploma of Agriculture (Gatton College), an Agricultural Degree (UQ) and a PhD in Plant Breeding and Quantitative Genetics (UQ). His early career centred around collection and evaluation of a native Australian Legume genus for a pasture species for Northern Australia, where he developed his interest in classification and ordination methods (pattern analysis) in biological and ecological systems. His major research interest has been the design, conduct, analysis and interpretation of data from the plant breeding field trial. He and his colleagues were among the first to apply pattern analysis methods to the analysis of this data. He was a pioneer in the combined analyses of data from multiple years and multiple traits from yield trials to investigate the trend in plant and cultivar improvement over time. Latterly, he and colleagues have contributed to using the information from genetic relationships and the environment discrimination among entries, to improve variety recommendations. He has plant breeding experience with soybean, pigeon pea and wheat and he has also had a major interest in the CIMMYT international wheat breeding program. He and colleagues developed the speedbreeding protocol for wheat, barley and groundnut. He continues to participate in the development of the protocol.