Researcher biography

Dr Diogo Costa has a BSc in Agronomy and a Teaching Degree in Agricultural Sciences (2004), a Master in Animal Science and Pastures (2007) and a Post Doctorate in Ruminant Production (2015) at the University of Sao Paulo (ESALQ USP). Dr Costa has done a PhD at the University of Queensland (2013). Before being appointed as Research Officer of the Centre for Animal Science of QAAFI in June 2018, Dr Costa managed the Beef Cattle Research Center of Kansas State University in 2017/2018. Dr Costa previously coordinated the School of Agronomy of Octavio Bastos University Center (UNIFEOB), from 2014 until 2016, where he taught classes in Ruminant Nutrition, Pasture Management and Forage Conservation. Dr Costa is affiliated to ESALQ USP as a Visiting Professor and has taught courses in Animal and Pasture Sciences to undergraduate and graduate students of the Department of Animal Sciences. Dr Costa's main interest is beef cattle nutrition and he is working in a project of Nitrogen recycling as determinant for feed efficiency of Bos indicus cattle under the supervision of Dr Luis Prada e Silva.

Areas of research