Tinashe has research development and management experience from university and multinational research organisation settings in Australia and Europe, informed by a 15-year career equally split between postdoctoral research (plant molecular and cell biology) and research administration. Before joining QAAFI, Tinashe was with the Research Office where he developed strategies and procedures to improve the quality of grant applications and managed the post-award business processes to administer grants across the research lifecycle. He had primary responsibility for early-mid career research fellowships (ARC DECRA and AQIRF), Rural Research and Development Corporations (RDC) schemes and QAAFI grants. At QAAFI, he leads the team that manages the QAAFI-DAF partnership, grant preparation and approvals, as well as post-award contract and relationship management.

Outside QAAFI, Tinashe enjoys going on road trips, long distance running and learning about other cultures. Despite having a Japanese sounding name, Tinashe hails from Zimbabwe and has visited and worked in a few cities, towns and villages in Africa, Europe, the US, and SE Asia. There are limited places in the lunchroom classes on how to pronounce Chiurugwi, so please feel free to make use of several student teachers now deployed throughout QAAFI.