Join industry leaders for a light breakfast and discussion on producing sustainable beef in the northern Australia beef industry

The seminar will be chaired by Australian beef industry luminary David Crombie AM and will feature short talks from leading beef researchers, followed by an engaging industry panel discussion on the challenges and future of sustainable beef production in Northern Australia.

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  • Quick, easy and accurate breeding decisions with genomics - Professor Ben Hayes

    There is an opportunity for breeders to utilise the genomics in their herd – but there is a need to breed for balance, not just one trait.  Welcome to the genomics era, where breeding to balance growth, fertility, meat quality, feed efficiency, adaptation, is an achievable and measureable reality.
  • The importance of assessing animal welfare - Professor Alan Tilbrook

    As public awareness and concern over animal welfare increases, there is no greater risk currently facing the red meat industry in Australia than NOT engaging in animal welfare research and development. The path forward will require a scientific approach to develop an understanding of both the biological functioning (physiology and behaviour) and affective (emotional) states of animals throughout the supply chain. Success will be measured by how well we can engage the public and consumers in that process.
  • Nutritional strategies to enhance milk delivery and calf growth - Dr Luis Prada e Silva

    Poor nutrition of cows during gestation leads to high levels of stress, low calf birth weight, low quantity and quality of colostrum, poor transfer of passive immunity and, consequently, poor health and growth of calves. What can be done to ameliorate this problem?



David Crombie AM

David Crombie is a Director of the Australian Agricultural Company and an Advisory Boa­­rd member for the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI). David is a former Commissioner of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR), past President of the National Farmers Federation, former Chairman of MLA and a former Director of Grainco Australia, the Meat Industry Council and Export Finance Insurance Corporation. David operates family properties in southern Queensland, breeding cattle and farming.


Professor Ben Hayes, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI)

Prof Ben Hayes is a world genomics expert and is the co-inventor of genomic prediction for traits in dairy and beef cattle. Ben has extensive research experience in genetic improvement of livestock, crop, pasture and aquaculture species, with a focus on integration of genomic information into breeding programs. He is also a member of the National Livestock Genetics Consortium Taskforce.


Professor Alan Tilbrook, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI)

Prof Alan Tilbrook is a national and international leader in animal welfare science. He is a founding member of the Animal Welfare Science Centre and served as Deputy Director and Co-director of the Centre, was the Research Chief of Livestock and Farming Systems at the South Australian Research and Development Institute. He is also the Research Provider Champion and Chair of the Steering Committee for the National Animal Welfare Research, Development and Extension Strategy.

Dr Luis Prada e Silva, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI)

Dr Luis Prada e Silva is a leader in the area of ruminant nutrition. Luis brings perspective from the world’s largest producer of beef, Brazil, where he had a previous appointment at the Universidade de Sao Paulo. Luis’ has worked with different disciplines such as ruminant nutrition, ruminant physiology, rumen microbiology, ruminant reproduction, forage management, molecular biology, and economics of cattle production systems to improve cattle productivity.


This event is now sold out. Limited tickets will be available for purchase at the door.

Hosted by the Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI); a research institute of the University of Queensland, supported by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries in Queensland.


About Beef Australia 2018

Beef Australia 2018 is the Australian beef industry’s national exposition. Held just once every three years in Australia’s ‘beef capital’ Rockhampton, Central Queensland, it is a celebration of all facets of the industry and facilitates new trade and export opportunities by exposing the local supply chain to the international industry leaders.

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This seminar is now sold out. Limited tickets will be available for purchase at the door.

Hosted by: Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food Innovation (QAAFI), The University of Queensland.

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Seminar held at Beef Australia 2018 | 6 - 12 May 2018 in Rockhampton
James Lawrence Pavilion