GRDC Grains Research Updates

GRDC Grains Research Updates in the Northern Region are coming to you live and online this July/August/September as four series of online events as we continue to deliver the latest research to you despite the continuing social distancing restrictions due to COVID-19.

Online Updates online will occur regularly over this period on either a Tuesday or Thursday at 9am. Log in for a selection of the latest farm-ready research and regionally relevant topics and speakers selected by local committees.

The four GRDC Research Online Update series over this period are:

  • Northern NSW/Qld: Every Tuesday from 14 July to 25 August, 9am
  • Southern/Central NSW: Every Thursday from 23 July to 20 August, 9am
  • Coastal/Hinterland NSW/Qld Peanuts and soybean: Thursday 27 August, 9am
  • Northern Region: Every Tuesday and Thursday from 1 to 17 September, 9am

Follow the links below to register for the webinars. All webinars are free of charge.


John Cameron or Erica McKay
02 9482 4930
GRDC Grains Research Update

Summer crops in western regions

14 July 2020 9:00am
- Summer crops – their role in western farming systems and ways to increase reliability in NWNSW and SWQLD - Lindsay Bell (CSIRO) & Joe Eyre (University of QLD)
- De-risking summer crops - strategies to reduce risk and optimise system benefit- Discussion led by Paul Gardoll (MCA Goondiwindi), Phil Lockwood(Meremley Agricultural Services) & Loretta Serafin (NSW DPI)
GRDC Grains Research Update

Early sown sorghum

21 July 2020 9:00am
- Farming systems impacts of early sown sorghum on crop water use efficiency, implications for subsequent crops, likely crop frequencies and system profit- Joe Eyre (University of QLD)
- Winter sown sorghum establishment, emergence and performance- Loretta Serafin (NSW DPI) & Joe Eyre (University of QLD)
- Discussion on pros and cons of sowing sorghum early or late to beat the heat.
GRDC Grains Research Update

Peanuts and soybeans

27 August 2020 9:00am
- New research in peanuts to assist in-field decision making – Neil Halpin (DAF QLD)
- Updating soybean agronomy for 3 new varieties – Andrew James (CSIRO) and Natalie Moore (NSW DPI)
- Target spot and anthracnose in soybeans – Lisa Kelly (DAF QLD)
GRDC Grains Research Update

Sorghum for 2050

8 September 2020 9:00am
Designing sorghum crops for Australia’s climate in 2050 – Graeme Hammer (University of QLD)