Regional Sorghum Outlook February 2017 (Australia)

27 Feb 2017


With the summer cropping season nearing completion the chances for an above average yielding sorghum crop for the 2016/17 summer growing season in north-eastern Australia (NEAUS) remains high across most parts of the cropping region.However, some variation in the outlook among local regions exists. Although very few plantings have occured in CQ to date, a close to or below average crop yield expectation i forecast for those areas that did manage to plant on sufficient soil moisture profiles. Most areas in SEQ, excluding parts of the northern Darling Downs that have a below average crop expectation, have predicted yield outcomes close to the long-term expectation. The exception is for areas in SWQ and NNSW that have sorghum yield outcomes slightly above the long-term median. With the recent extremely high temperatures recorded in most of the summer cropping region it is anticipated that the impact will result in a reduction in yield and downgrading in grain quality of sorghum crops across most regions. With the sowing window now closed, except for some parts of CQ, further rainfall will be needed during the next couple of weeks to improve and ensure the current crop outlook is realised across all areas of the NEAUS summer cropping region. This crop outlook is based on a crop-free (fallow) practice through the winter season and therefore areas with longer fallow practices are likely to have better yield prospects for the coming season.

Full Regional Sorghum Outlook for February 2017